Senior Living Testimonials

What residents say.

No one knows Blakehurst better than the people who live here. Read their stories to learn why they’re happy they made the move.

All services seem to be supplied and we have a variety of residents who have lived fascinating lives. Having outlived most of my friends, I am blessed to have many new, but younger ones. Thus my family agrees that my own choice to move here was a wise.
Billie Conkling, current resident
“We realized our best move would be to get on Blakehurst’s waiting list while we were still healthy and enjoying life. Now we’re in control of our future.”
Agnes Riina
“I’ve been taking care of people for years and now I have an entire staff taking care of me in 5-star resort fashion. I am loving this life!”
Elsa Boynton
Have never regretted the decision to settle at Blakehurst three years ago. Perfect location, well maintained facilities, excellent health care and caring professional staff. So happy to be here.
Lee Woody, Jr.
We feel very fortunate to have been at Blakehurst for over eight years. We enjoy the food, the many programs offered and the many new friends we have made. We admire the Administration’s handling of the pandemic and are certain that our children are overjoyed that we are here.
Nancy and Bob Swindel
One of the truly unique features of living at Blakehurst is the close working relationship between staff and residents. It is really a mutual admiration society, we love and respect them and they return in kind. How fortunate we are.
Richard Frisch
Unique combination of people, atmosphere, services, activities, and beautiful grounds. Sustenance and food terrific, varied, and flexible normal dining choices.

Programs – multiple mental and physical, from fine outside enriching speakers to exercise activities, and card playing opportunities.

Comfortable apartment redecorated after seven (7) years with Karen happy as a lamb. Staff services for routine cleaning and maintenance adds to a great support system all around. Knowing our health care facilities will be there in adjacent Chestnut Green when and if we need them.
Karen and Pierce Linaweaver eight (8) years of great living!
The thing I like most about Blakehurst turns out to be something I was not really aware of before I moved in. Grif was ill and I was completely occupied with caring for him and the sale of properties in Florida and Baltimore. After he passed I became interested in all of the wonderful educational programs and lecture series that were available. It provided an opportunity to fill in the missing spaces in my education. I look forward to getting life back to normal at Blakehurst and resuming these treasures.
Sandy Morrel
What is not to like about Blakehurst? 😉

-The beautiful campus – feels like the country, but convenient to everything.
-The incredibly friendly and caring staff. Called us by name within days of our arrival (not “honey” and “sweetie”😉)
-Residents are very welcoming and inclusive, which was important to us as we had been living out of town.
-Apartments lend themselves to being personalized.
Peggy H
Why I like Blakehurst:

I didn’t even look at Blakehurst during my first round of exploring retirement-living arrangements. I assumed it was too expensive, full of country-clubbers, too fancy. Just for comparison purposes before I made a final decision, I decided to take a look. Much to my surprise, I found it to be in line financially with comparable facilities, and the only apartment I looked at was perfect—much nicer than those I had been shown in other communities. My rooms are spacious, high-ceilinged, light, and airy with a spectacular view overlooking the beautiful grounds and onward over Baltimore.

I have now been here three years and couldn’t be happier. I have found many friends, old and new, and forged warm relationships in surprising directions. I participate in several committees and activities, finding something stimulating and/or fun to do each day. I have especially enjoyed being on the Dining and Inquisitive Minds committees. For the latter I have led two Great Courses on Shakespeare. I also love writing and editing for The Banner and The Banter and commiserating with other residents on the staffs. We have a great time. I serve as secretary for the Blakehurst Residents’ Scholarship Fund (BRSF) and am proud of residents’ generosity and desire to help employees further their education. This year we awarded $157,000 to 52 recipients, supporting advancement in education, professional certifications, and even individual interests such as photography and drone operation. Collaborating with other residents in all of these avenues is a delight. Their variety of backgrounds, expertise, and interests enriches the life of the community as a whole, sharing the benefits of lifetime experience.

Blakehurst is noted for the quality of our food—a reputation fully earned. The beloved late Rich Yarish led the Food and Beverage Department for over twenty years, firmly implanting his stamp of “fine dining” on all operations. Chef Supreme Sung Pak makes magic with menus, capitalizing on fresh and local produce as much as possible. I love bringing guests for dinner and have always been proud of the delicious food, the beautiful surroundings, and the cheerful service.

Residents are congenial and friendly, open to ideas and suggestions. The staff—administrators, housekeepers, maintenance and grounds workers, dining servers, health-care employees—are extraordinarily helpful and sympathetic, taking excellent care of us. They have become good friends.

My children are grateful for all they do and thankful that I am here. So am I.

Thank you, Blakehurst!
Anne Heuisler
Blakehurst is a happy place! Everyone here seems genuinely upbeat. I feel as if I am living in a lovely apartment house, not a retirement facility. Also, there is a caring atmosphere here. People are not intrusive, but they are warm and supportive.

The grounds here are beautiful and interesting. You often see wildlife when you are walking. There are countless opportunities to take part in fun and stimulating activities which seem to offer something for everyone.

I really feel at home here!
Betty Ann Howard

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