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12 Ways to Live Actively as an Independent Senior at Blakehurst

Senior fitness

Think you’ll be bored in retirement? Not when you choose an active lifestyle for independent seniors at Blakehurst. There are thousands of ways to stay active in retirement, with opportunities to find meaning and purpose every day. You’ll have a full calendar of events and resort-style amenities right outside your door in our senior living community.

Set the Pace for an Active Lifestyle

From cultural events and lifelong learning activities like clubs, classes and programs, as well as opportunities to volunteer your talents, you’ll find the inspiration to live your best years in retirement. Plus, you’ll enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle for your physical, social and emotional health.

Let’s look at some of the most popular ways to stay active in retirement:

  1. Get fit. It’s easy to stay active when there’s a fitness center right outside your door, complete with an aerobics and yoga studio, heated indoor pool, and whirlpool. As an added bonus, exercising with others can help you build social connections and stay mentally sharp.
  2. Join a club. Whether it’s learning how to play bridge or joining a pickleball league, walking group or book club — connecting with others who share your interests adds to the fun. Best of all, learning something new helps keep you feeling young!
  3. Go dancing. Grooving on the dance floor keeps you on your toes in more ways than one. You can meet some fun people and you’ll get some great exercise along the way. Dancing offers a number of health benefits, including better heart health, strength, stamina, balance and posture. It also gives the mind a workout through memorizing steps and sequences in some forms of dance.
  4. Try tai chi. This is a gentle form of exercise that uses slow, flowing movements to help with relaxation and coordination. Each movement flows into the next, creating a state of calm and relaxation for the mind.
  5. Nurture your creativity. Participating in the arts through music, theater, visual arts, or creative writing may be linked to improving cognitive function and memory, according to the National Institute on Aging. Expressing your creative side as an older adult can also boost overall health and well-being.
  6. Dig into gardening. Big or small, vegetables or flowers, gardening can be a rewarding activity. You can spend time outdoors and appreciate nature, be physically active, and nurture social connections with others.
  7. Explore arts and crafts. Learn something new or continue to hone your skills in knitting, woodworking, floral arranging or other hands-on activities. Using your mind and hands together can be a rewarding challenge that can help you maintain coordination.
  8. Go back to school. Check out academic courses and continuing education programs offered online or through your local college. You could study a foreign language, learn more about computers or take an art history class.
  9. Take a field trip. Visit parks and museums in the local area and attend interpretive programs to learn more about wildlife, history, and science.
  10. Volunteer your time and talents. Seek out local volunteer opportunities with your favorite group or charitable organization. Doing your part to help others is a great way to make an impact while building a deeper sense of purpose in your life. People who engage in meaningful activities often say they feel happier and healthier as a result.
  11. Build your family tree. Recording family stories, creating photo books, or tracing your family history is a labor of love. The time and energy you invest in researching and documenting your family history is a rewarding activity and a treasured gift to share with loved ones.
  12. Take care of a pet. Animals can be a source of comfort and may also help keep you socially engaged and physically active. The routine of taking a dog for a daily walk and exploring the outdoors together can benefit both you and your pet. You’ll love the pet-friendly environment and dog park for big and small dogs at Blakehurst. Pets are family, whether they’re four-legged furballs, feathered friends or exotic fish, and taking care of them can bring out the best in us.

Looking for more ideas to stay active in retirement? You’ll find endless possibilities for active and independent seniors right here at Blakehurst. Our one-bedroom deluxe apartment has everything you need to simplify your life so you can focus on the activities that bring you joy.

If you’re interested in learning more about our independent living community, please reach out to us today!