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Six Questions for a Better Senior Living Decision

When you’re looking for an answer, asking the right questions gets you there quicker. That’s especially true when it comes to your choice of senior living. With a bias toward helping you focus on finding what’s right for you, here are the 6 questions we believe you should ask when you’re trying to decide on a senior living lifestyle that suits you.

Question 1: What do you want?
Your goals come first. The clearer you are about what you want out of life now, the better prepared you’ll be for making a good decision.

visual graphic that says: 63% of senior surveyed said having access to a full continuum of care is their #1 reason for considering a ccrc

Question 2: Are you ready for a senior living community?
Asking yourself if you’re ready for a senior independent living community can mean a simpler question: Are you ready for a new day?

Question 3: Is your home ready for you to continue to stay there?
From basics such as installing grab bars and handrails as safeguards, to enlarging doorways and adding ramps for walkers or wheelchairs, or perhaps renovating a bathroom to fall-proof it or create space for a caregiver to assist, the costs of making a home safer for aging in place add up fast.

visual graphic that says: 80% of people over age 65 are concerned about being able to age in place

Question 4: How do you choose a senior living community that’s right for you?
READ | Learn the language used by senior living communities. Terms like CCRC or
Life Care are just a start. (Our glossary on page 8 covers common terms you’ll come across.) Compare alternatives like senior rental homes and 55+ or “active adult” communities.

TOUR| Make a list of communities you’d like to know more about, and then schedule a
virtual visit. Invite a friend to the visit.

NOTICE | As you visit with the sales counselor, they should want to get to know you,
not just talk about the many features of the community.

INTERACT | Look for opportunities to interact with residents during a virtual visit or
a virtual event.

SHARE | The community should be open with financial disclosure information and allow you to share it with your accountant. If the community isn’t willing — or offers only extremely limited information — make note of their reluctance.

DELIBERATE | Take time to think about what you’ve learned. Schedule another visit
if you need to.

Question 5: Do you need Life Care?
Life Care simplifies care and saves you money if a long-term health need crops up. You’re granted unlimited access to the community’s wealth of opportunities, including long-term health care, at a predictable cost that’s considerably less than market rates.

visual graphic that says: 79% of older adults say one of their top fears in retirement is health care costs going out of control

Question 6: How do you involve the family in this decision-making process?
By moving into a senior living community while you’re still active, you’re choosing to be exactly where you want to be. It’s a decision that’s a gift to your family too.
You free your children from making stressful decisions on your behalf because you have a plan in place for future care. They’ll have peace of mind knowing that if there’s ever a change in your health, professional care is right there where you need it.

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