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Navigating the Senior Living Health Care Landscape is Easy at Blakehurst

Blakehurst full-service senior living community is all about living a vibrant and healthy life. As the residents who live here can attest, health and well-being are the first priority. In order to help residents obtain optimal health and wellness, Blakehurst offers access to a personal health team who can help to navigate the health services and customize wellness plans according to resident’s individual needs.

The Health Care Navigator

Every Blakehurst resident has access to a Health Care Navigator who can help create a customized wellness plan and act as the medical liaison. The Health Care Navigator can connect residents with fitness and exercise activities, help create a customized meal plan, schedule medical and health-related appointments, and assist with paperwork and transfers should hospital care be necessary.

The Navigator’s goal is to provide as much support to residents to help maintain overall wellness and avoid admission to higher levels of health services. Should ones health care needs change, however, the Navigator provides assistance in securing the appropriate level of health services, whether provided in their residence by qualified and approved home health caregivers or in Blakehurst’s Chestnut Green Health Center, which offers short- and long-term skilled nursing care, assisted living, rehabilitation, and memory care.

Helping New Residents

When a resident first moves into Blakehurst, a team that includes a Resident Health Services Manager, Health Care Navigator, and Residential Service Aide meets with them to introduce themselves and share information about their roles.

Jamila Blake, Blakehurst’s Health Care Navigator, explains how she helps residents.

“My role is to be a support system for residents and make sure they get all the services they need. I work closely with the nurse (Resident Health Services Manager) and Residential Service Aide – we’re a team. We often meet and discuss different residents and the various interventions that could be beneficial to each resident.”

Jamila then schedules a one-on-one assessment with residents to find out their health history and any other relevant information to tailor the most effective plan possible.

“My goal is to put together the best services to help make each resident’s transition here better. I also do weekly gathering with residents to help acclimate them with the community. These groups can include new residents or long-time residents who are just looking to gain new friendships.”

Guidance Through Health Changes

When a resident goes to the hospital, the Health Care Navigator will visit to ensure they are receiving the care and services needed.

“I also coordinate with the hospital social worker to make sure residents have what they need when they return to Blakehurst, so the transition back can be smooth,” said Jamila.

“Whether hospice, home health, or any type of medical equipment, I coordinate that for our residents.”

If health care requirements change, Jamila and Blakehurst’s Residential Services Aide will meet first with residents to find out what is taking place.

“If we see the resident is struggling, we’ll get permission from the resident to schedule a family meeting. Then, from that family meeting, we’ll decide on a plan that will be beneficial to the resident – whether that’s to schedule an appointment with their family doctor, or seek other specialist services within the community.”

Uniquely Blakehurst 

Jamila expressed appreciation for the Health Care Navigator role because it is a unique position.

“Blakehurst and Life Care Services are leaders in the industry for developing such a role. As our population continues to age, this role will be very beneficial to more of the community. I think it’s extraordinary that Blakehurst and Life Care Services thought that this was a beneficial role for residents to use,” she said.

“It helps residents gain a better understanding about their medical care, and it helps them feel less overwhelmed or anxious when they are going through different care options, transitioning to the health center or the hospital, or just going through changes in the aging process. They have somebody here to support them.”

Jamila’s favorite part about being a Health Care Navigator at Blakehurst is the opportunity to get to know the residents.

“I like finding out what their strengths and weaknesses are. Finding out what goals they have while they’re here and how I can assist them to accomplish those goals. I love interacting with the residents.”

To find out more about how Blakehurst senior living community can help guide you or a loved one through a healthy and vibrant senior life, get in touch with us at 410-870-7817.