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LifeCare® 101: What Is a Type-A CCRC?

Embarking on the journey of considering a senior living community necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the available care options. At Blakehurst, in Towson, MD, residents are offered a Type-A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) contract. This distinctive model offers a multifaceted approach to retirement.

In this in-depth exploration, we unravel the intricacies of Type-A LifeCare® contracts, delving into the key aspects that define this unique senior living arrangement and how this type of contract in a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) can benefit you.

The Cost of Type-A LifeCare® Contracts

Understanding the financial side of Type-A LifeCare® contracts is necessary if you are considering this senior living option. Type-A CCRCs involve both an entrance fee and a monthly fee.

Entrance Fee: A One-Time Commitment

Let’s start with the entrance fee—a one-time payment is made upon joining the community. This upfront cost, based on residence size, acts as an initial investment.

Paying the Entrance Fee secures your place in the community and provides access to the community’s continuum of care. While you enter the community in independent living, you will have access to other levels of care at the community if your health needs change.

Monthly Fee: Comprehensive Coverage for Ongoing Services

Now, on to the monthly fee—which covers various amenities and services to meet your evolving needs.

Understanding this fee provides a nuanced view of how it contributes to your peace of mind.

While the monthly fee may seem higher initially with a Type-A contract, it comes with a distinct advantage—financial security. You can anticipate minimal to no increases in other service costs, such as amenities and healthcare.

This security ensures that the monthly fee remains relatively consistent over time, offering predictability and peace of mind.

Exploring the cost of Type-A LifeCare® contracts involves uncovering financial transparency. The breakdown of the monthly fee clarifies ongoing expenses related to living in a Type-A CCRC.

This financial transparency not only provides clarity but also ensures a worry-free living experience, fostering a sense of security and well-being.

The Refundability of Type-A Contracts: Nurturing Financial Security

Blakehurst offers a Type- A LifeCare® contract with several Entrance Fee refund options, significantly contributing to your financial security.

For example, Blakehurst offers different plans with 0%, 50%, and 80% refundable options so you can choose the plan that best fits your needs.

A Financial Safety Net

Consider the refundability of Type-A contracts as a financial safety net. It provides you with the confidence that your financial commitment is not static and can be adapted to accommodate life changes.

This flexibility aligns with the dynamic nature of your needs, allowing you to navigate your senior living journey with greater ease and financial confidence.

The Care of LifeCare® Contracts

Exploring the realm of Type-A CCRCs unveils a commitment to a maintenance-free lifestyle, allowing you to age in place with dignity and confidence.

Learn about the comprehensive support system embedded within LifeCare® contracts and how they can provide you with a holistic approach to your well-being.

There are different care dynamics between the Type-A LifeCare® contract and other types of CCRC contracts, namely Type-B and Type-C. Each contract type offers a unique blend of financial structures and care provisions.

  • Type-A LifeCare® Contract: Known for their all-encompassing approach, Type-A contracts provide you with a secure and comprehensive environment. This includes a monthly fee covering amenities, services, and future healthcare needs, ensuring a worry-free living experience.
  • Type-B Contract: In a Type-B contract, you typically pay a lower monthly fee than a Type-A contract. Healthcare services are provided at a discounted rate or for a limited number of days, when needed.
  • Type-C Contract: While these contracts may have a lower entry fee or a lower monthly fee than Type-A, Type-C contracts typically require a higher fee for healthcare services, when needed. This model provides you with a more budget-friendly option upfront but entails significantly higher fees for healthcare services, when needed.

As we navigate the intricacies of LifeCare®  contracts and compare them with other CCRC contract types, it becomes evident that the choice between Type-A, Type-B, or Type-C extends beyond financial commitments.

It’s also about the level of care and support provided, catering to your preferences and priorities.

Blakehurst: Your Destination for Secure Senior Living

Blakehurst stands as a beacon of exceptional senior living in Maryland. As a Life Plan Community, Blakehurst is designed to offer residents not only a place to live but also a lifestyle that ensures stability and peace of mind.

As you explore your senior living options, consider exploring life at Blakehurst, where the commitment to excellence in care and community living is unwavering.

Schedule a personalized appointment or attend one of our LifeCare® events so you can see all the benefits a Continuing Care Retirement Community can provide.

Knowing your future is secure not only brings peace of mind for you but also reassurance for your loved ones. Call us today at 410-938-8381 to learn more about life at Blakehurst and how to start your journey to a secure, vibrant, and fulfilling future here.