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How to Live Comfortably in a One-Bedroom Apartment

Senior apartment

When you’ve dreamt of your retirement years, did you picture yourself feeling cramped and living in a small apartment? Maybe you fantasized about living in a small space with six or seven of your best friends? No? We didn’t think so. In fact, if you’re like us, your dreams of your retirement years probably focus on the experiences you hope to have, the new friends you’d like to meet, and all the time you’ll have to finally get back to what you enjoy most (or, for some of us, to finally discover what that is).

Nobody thinks about floor space and living area when they envision their golden years. And why is that? Because retirement isn’t so much about where you live as it is about how you live.

Smaller Spaces Leave Room for Bigger Lives

Look, we get it. Living in a small apartment may seem like a drastic change, especially if you live in a house now, but hear us out. One of the best things about living at a senior living community is all the activities. And where do these activities take place? Outside your apartment. That’s where! So, yes, downsizing could be a drag, but the benefits of decluttering your life are well worth the effort. And, if you ask us, the retirement years should be focused on collecting memories and having adventures, not collecting more stuff and having more room than you know what to do with. If you agree, check out these 10 reasons to go small:

10 Reasons Living in a Small Apartment is a Big Win

  1. You don’t need a big kitchen when you have restaurant-quality dining prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients, many from local farmers and fishermen.
  2. Save room on exercise equipment with a state-of-the-art fitness center right outside your door. (Sorry, no more bulky machines taking up space and collecting random articles of clothing.)
  3. No need for as much storage space for all your crafting supplies because our community art studio offers classes, gallery space and plenty of room to spread out and practice your craft.
  4. Less space means fewer knickknacks to collect dust. And weekly housekeeping means the space you have is always nice and tidy.
  5. Books? We keep those in the community library, so you have more space to make your own stories.
  6. Ever notice that more surfaces attract more clutter? Yeah, we have, too. No need to worry about that when you live in a smaller apartment.
  7. When you see the view from your apartment, you’ll want to rush right back outside to enjoy our beautiful 40-acre campus.
  8. Who needs a huge TV when there’s a community movie theater just down the hallway? Movie nights are more fun with others, anyway, don’t you agree?
  9. Think of your apartment as a home base. A place to rest and refresh between all the new experiences you’re about to enjoy.
  10. Spend your money on recreation, not rent.

One Bedroom but Many Possibilities

At Blakehurst, we believe in choice, even when it comes to our smaller spaces. That’s why we offer not one but three exciting one-bedroom floor plans for our residents. Our latest is called The Ruxton. It’s a one-bedroom deluxe featuring a modern, open design giving you plenty of room for relaxing and entertaining. Enjoy a bright, airy space with high ceilings, high-end cabinetry and finish options including quartz counters, walk-in showers with glass enclosures, tile and plank flooring finishes and more. Take a virtual tour of The Ruxton and our other floor plans.

Are You Ready to Live it Up in a Smaller Apartment?

Independent living at Blakehurst opens up all kinds of opportunities to do what you love. In fact, we like to say our Life Plan Community comes with fewer to-dos and more want-tos. So, what is it you want to do with your retirement years? We’ll help you live big, even if that means living in a smaller apartment. Contact us to arrange a personal visit.