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Go With Your Gut: The Role of Food in Where We Travel and Where We Live

The late ex-chef and professional traveler Anthony Bourdain once wrote, “Food is everything we are.” It makes sense. So much of our personal, familial and even national identity is inseparably connected with the cuisine that we love. And, more and more, food is also becoming a driving force, no pun intended, on where we go … and where we live.

Travel Weekly, a news resource for the travel industry, quotes a July 2015 Destination Analysts, Inc. study which found that 62.7 percent of baby boomers qualify as “food and cuisine driven travelers,” i.e., food and drink is a major determining factor in their travel decisions. Looks like Guy Fieri, Andrew Zimmern, Adam Richman and Katie Lee have some company. This concept of “culinary tourism,” visiting a new destination for the very purpose of sampling local and regional cuisine, has caused a variety of cities nationwide to be christened as “foodie towns.” Along with the usual suspects of San Francisco, New Orleans, New York City and Chicago, cities such as Charleston, SC, Houston, Nashville, Portland, OR, Asheville, NC and Austin, TX are all places people are increasingly visiting for the sole purpose of having unique dining experiences.


So, if food is playing a larger and larger role in where we travel, could it also be of increasing importance in where we decide to live? You bet. Livability.com tells us that now many people who are looking to move are “following their taste buds” and choosing their new home based on the “caliber of a community’s restaurants” and the “culinary skills of local chefs.” That just might explain why so many seniors have chosen to live at Blakehurst senior living community in Towson, MD.


At Blakehurst, we’re dedicated to providing our residents exceptionally healthy and delicious food and premium dining experiences each and every day. It’s all part of our HealthyLife® Services commitment to whole person health and optimal nutrition, and it’s why our executive chef and his talented culinary team creates an incredibly tasty array of diverse and changing menu options, from appetizers such as Brie, Pear and Caramet and Smoked Salmon Garni to entrees such as Black Angus Filet Mignon and Sauteed Dijon Chicken Breast. We also offer a variety of inviting dining venues, including our graciously appointed main dining room, our popular terrace room and two lovely outdoor dining areas, for a wonderfully enjoyable culinary experience every time our residents dine.


If you would like to learn more about our innovative dining program and all the other reasons why our residents love living at Blakehurst, please contact us at 410-870-7817.